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Hi, I’m Yvette Smith

  • Owner/Founder,
  • Executive Coach

"I’VE INSPIRED BOTH INDIVIDUALS AND BUSINESS PEOPLE." I’m the owner and founder of brilliantlivesco.com. I’m the executive life coach of Brilliant Lives. I help people discover and understand what they need and want, and how to achieve it. We have a variety of programs that empower couples, families, and big groups on how to grow and thrive. We are passionate about helping individuals that desire to see a transformation and change but don’t know-how.

Yvette Smith

Why Brilliant Lives is effective?

Success and Happiness Happiness
Acknowledging your issue

Most people fear rejection and struggle to connect with others at home or work or simply need the motivation to reach new goals. For that reason, we offer unique programs designed to gently help you to connect with others and or to overcome obstacles caused by fear or lack of motivation.

We assess your situation

We have a one on one online or over the phone and discuss your current situation that you are currently in. It doesn't matter if it's an issue or you simply want to achieve a goal. We assess to further help you.

Everything is confidential

It doesn't matter what the issue is everything that is shared between your life coach is strictly confidential. We understand the importance of your privacy and also the struggle of certain obstacles or personal issues.

All our courses are available online

We are a very active company and our goal is to constantly update our material. That is why all our courses are available online. You can also schedule a 1 on 1 with your life coach.

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